Species Living in the Danger of Extinction in Africa

By Karen Smith

It is an aphoristic fact that over exploitation of natural resources causes irreversible damage to our environment. The flora and fauna on the planet are interwoven and whilst we humans are pursuing our own interest, end up disturbing the balance without intent or awareness and often despite both. Whether it is deforestation, hunting, mining, or pollution the global biodiversity takes the brunt of it.

A species is considered to be endangered when its population goes lower than expected over a short period of time and the likeliness for it to go extinct becomes high.Some of the most popular animal species that are extinct now include the flightless birds Dodo and Great Auk, the North American Passenger Pigeon, Bali Tiger and Tasmanian Tiger. While African elephants are poached for their tusks, White Rhino, and Black Rhinos for their horns, the cheetah is poached for its eye-catching skin, and since the African White-Backed Vulture goes wherever a carcass is, it is hunted down by poachers when it arrives to feed on any one of the aforementioned.

Check out this list curated by TuskPhoto that highlights the threats faced by some of the African animal species that are highly endangered.By classifying an animal species as endangered, it becomes entitled to Species Recovery Plans that include removal or lowering of threats faced by the species and devising plans of bringing it to a healthy state in a timely manner.


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