#SolarIsTheFuture Art Competition for Hope, Change and Glory

#SolarIsTheFuture Art Competition, by The Sun Exchange, is one to add to your list of things to do this week. The person to win this art competition will have quite the story to tell at the next braai, as the winner gets to name the entire solar plant. Not only do you get glory, but you also get your own 50 solar cells from which you can potentially get a substantial amount of solar powered income from. Now that we have the glory out of the way, we can move on to the true beauty of the #SolarIsTheFuture Art Competition.


#SolarIsTheFuture Art Competition is all about solar panels


The Hope #SolarIsTheFuture Art Competition Offers

On the other side of the competition is the idea of being part of something bigger than your own life. The Sun Exchange will be doing just that. Their project will bring electricity to a rural area in Lesotho, touching more than 800 individuals’ lives. Imagine living in a world without our computers, lights, electric stoves, warm showers and televisions. Yikes. You can help with this.

But all we need to do to help them out, is to take part or vote on Facebook. #SolarIsTheFuture Art Competition focuses on the entrees vision regarding solar panels. This makes our job quite easy. Think of a creative, yet fitting name for the solar panel grid. Together with this name, you need to send in some form of art. You can draw, paint, make a digital artwork, write a haiku, or simply take a photo.


How It Works

The Sun Exchange Competition Details


On the 16th of May they will see who has the most votes. However, the competition doesn’t end here. Those who have voted and entered will have a chance to win their own solar panel cell out of 10. Further, the entrees of original artworks will be invited to take part in a #SolarIsTheFuture exhibition and silent auction. It will be held in Cape Town.

Money made from these artworks can be kept by the entrees or they can buy solar panel cells at Ha Makebe in order to get solar powered income for 20 years. Who wouldn’t want to be a partial owner of a solar plant grid? There is definitely no lack in opportunities in this competition.

So what are you waiting for? You can read more about the competition here. Or to enter and vote on Facebook, click here.

Image credit: Pixabay

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