Site_Specific JOZI: Anni Snyman, Andrea Cristoforetti, Katty Vandenberghe

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ANNI SNYMAN working with Andrea Cristoforetti, Katty Vandenberghe and helpful Johannesburg Botanical Garden staff who decided to bring all the yellow leaves they could find. Anni built up an image of a robin with leaves found in the area, home-made flour & sugar glue. This leaf painting is in honour of a robin living at this site, and also has the ability to attract insects. The painstaking process of collecting and sorting leaves in the area, and arranging them into feathered patterns becomes part of a meditative practice in honour of the animal depicted.
Photos by Anni Snyman & :kat~
Anni Snyman is one of the directors and founding partners of Site_Specific. She works in various media ranging from traditional prints, photography, digitally manipulated images and animations, to three dimensional installations and sculptures. She actively seeks collaborations with other artists, and has organised several ‘Kunstellasies’ – juxtapositions of different creative disciplines in public spaces.