Short course: Ecological Intelligence and Global Environmental Issues & Effects. (George, Western Cape)

SAN ECOSYSTEMS facilitated by Nicola Schwim is hosting a short three day course on:

Ecological Intelligence and Global Environmental Issues & Effects.

11, 12, 13th July 2017 (9am – 15pm)


INTRODUCTION: Ecosystems and Ecology, Biodiversity for Development, Ecological Intelligence

GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: Human Over population, Climate Change & Global Warming, Hydrological Alterations, Intensive Farming, Land Use & Land Use Policy, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Issues, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Ocean Trash, Soil Pollution, Consumerism, Genetic Engineering, Natural Resource Depletion, Fossil Fuels, Species Depletion & Extinction, Fracking and Habitatat Degradation.

While the information is intense, the course is offered in a homely setting with maximum 5 participants to create an open discussion platform of learning and interaction in a relaxed environment that is memorable and impacting.


Includes a 286pg Module, Tea and Coffee and light finger snacks.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to WESSA – Eden

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