Setting the Captive Tiger Free, Ingrid Nuss

Title: Setting the Captive Tiger Free

Artist Ingrid Nuss

Medium Acrylic on stretched canvas

Size W:50cm x H:45cm x D:2cm

Ingrid is one of the artists for VERGE – an exhibition about local IUCN red listed species in Knysna, South Africa.

Artist Statement:


“My work is a visual exploration of the combination of science, nature and spirituality, like the universe in which we exist. When we look at the current state of our planet from an isolated perspective, it is easy to be overcome with fear. The information age has led to a bombardment of our consciousness with fear driven propaganda, which leads to an overwhelming nervousness in our society. We are constantly aware that something significant is awry, and that humanity will have to make big changes to ensure our own survival.

The viewer is invited on a visual pathfinder to help one understand the true nature of our being. Just like the universe, we are not separate beings fighting for our survival as individuals, isolated in the centre of our own reality. We are made of the same substance as the universe, and we must also look at our existence from the joint perspective of science, nature and spirituality to find a path of truth and freedom through an increasingly confusing world. There is great comfort in the idea that we are closely connected to our home planet, not only on a molecular level, but also on an energetic and spiritual level. When we look at any living organism or system on a small or big enough scale, we will see the same reoccurring patterns, and we can use this knowledge to better solve the problems we are facing as the human race. The understanding of unification and oneness as opposed to separation and division could change the outcome of our quality of being completely.

Through my work, I wish to express the space between what we perceive as reality and our inner world, where we are constantly shifting and changing on a spiritual and cosmic level. I create alternative realities where I can steer away from the obvious and propose a different kind of being, a different future, and so open new possibilities of looking at the universe we live in and our own existence. In the end it’s about creating a feeling, a universal emotional reaction that connects us from within.”

– Ingrid Nuss

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