Recent past workshops:

  • Informal land art sessions on the Garden Route during the first three months of 2019
  • Waste art workshop at Earth Fest in the Garden Route Botanical Garden on 29 September 2018.
  • Studio art classes & watercolour workshops on the Garden Route during 2018 and 2019.
  • Creative sessions at the Green Shed, Wilderness during March 2019.

Waste Art Workshop

What we consider as ‘waste’ is very often the best, most accessible and also most affordable option available when you’d like to express yourself creatively. The possibilities are as endless as our enormous and countless landfills, beaches and streets. These spaces are filled with abundant amounts of food packaging, plastic bottles, bags and discarded bits and pieces. Ample materials to get creative with – either creating a work of art, a decorative item or a functional object for your home! Some ideas? Check this Creative Recycling Pinterest board.

Land Art workshops & retreats

Explore your own creativity and experience the abundance & beauty of our planet and landscapes. You’ll get a small land art ‘field’ booklet, small container of sunscreen and homemade sun visor. Please bring your own snacks and something to drink. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes. Next workshop to be announced, or sign up for updates at