Join a group of artists who meets monthly in different places in the Western Cape to create site-specific art. The aim is to create and hold a space where larger collaborative projects can grow, and creative relationships fostered, in a way that could contribute creatively to society, the urban environment or our understanding of our role and place within ecology. The aim is to offer an open forum for artists and enthusiasts, based in the Western Cape, interested in Land Art and related activities and forms of expression.

Associated with Site_Specific Land Art, the source of this collaboration , we’re focused on art as a form of communion with the land that changes one’s perceptions. The experience of a great land art piece is moving, it is immediate, and it enhances one’s own sense of being in the world. Land art allows one to integrate the often split concepts of ‘culture’ and ‘nature’. Sometimes it is a celebration of the land that sustains us, often it reminds us of the temporary nature of our shared existence.
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