“Plastic Icon” Waste Art by +Brauer

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An artistic approach with civic engagement, “Upcycling” or recycling from the top, is at the heart of +Brauer’s creations in France, no matter what material is used to convey the intended message.

With his “Plastic Icon©” series, the artist turns to plastic, a material omnipresent  in our environment, threatening the planet and literally suffocating all beings. (Every second, 200 kg of plastic is dumped in the oceans, more than 100,000 marine mammals die every year, and if we go on like this, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.)

Through a series of 20th century iconic portraits, the artist tackles this material by meticulously assembling hundreds of discarded plastic pieces from toys, pens, bottles, packaging to mundane objects of our daily lives, in different sizes and colors, carefully chosen, collected and classified. Each piece remains with its original color, untouched,  as it was found.

From an accumulation of dissimilated pieces, at first the eye sees each element independently, but like a giant puzzle, looking at it from a distance, an image or a face suddenly appears. By assembling each piece according to a specific pattern, the artist brings them back to life and gives them a new meaning and perspective.

In these large-format works (80×80 cm), +Brauer plays with irony with iconic figures as he presents his personal vision of resistance to overconsumption.

www.brauer.fr | +brauer on facebook: www.facebook.com/Brauer-Robots

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