People Rise for Climate in creative global mobilisation

Africa – This weekend people are joining over 735 actions in 90 countries under the banner of Rise for Climate to demonstrate the urgency of the climate crisis. Communities around the world will shine a spotlight on the increasing impacts they are experiencing and demand local action to keep fossil fuels in the ground. There will be hundreds of creative events and actions that challenge fossil fuels and call for a swift and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

The African continent will be teeming with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets in various cities from Cape Town to Cameroon participating in a range of activities from mini-summits to youth groups rallies, as part of the lead up to the Global Climate Action Summit to be held in San Francisco. A delegation of African leaders from 3 countries will be representing the continent where they will learn how to phase out fossil fuel extraction from countries who have committed to 100%RE and begin a just energy transition that focuses on social and economic justice.

Elsewhere actions and events will include:

  • The Kenya Climate Rise Summit and concert that will bring together faith leaders, youth leaders and political leaders

  • A regional energy summit in the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States)

  • Ghanaian activists pushing the Energy Minister to increase the RE part into the national’s energy mix.

  • The Abuja Climate Summit which will conclude in a colourful street parade

  • Representatives of youth, farmers, government, media, faith-based communities, business, academia and the legal profession in a discourse around climate impacts in Cape Town

People are rising to support urgent action before 2020 to accelerate to the rapid phase out fossil fuels and a just transition to clean and fair energy systems for all. There is no time to lose. Already this year the world has experienced catastrophic heatwaves in North Africa, Europe, Japan, Pakistan, Australia and Argentina; deadly wildfires in Greece, Sweden, the USA and Russia; drought in Kenya and Somalia; major water shortages in Afghanistan and South Africa; extreme storms and flooding in Hawaii, India, Oman and Yemen; record melting of the Bering Sea ice; and the 400th month in the row of above-average global temperatures.

This weekend Rise for Climate will demonstrate the growing strength and diversity of the climate movement and the people who won’t wait for governments to act, but will lead by example and hold them to account.


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