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I think this might be useful to some of our readers:

Pathways to Funding Do-ference this September


Join Thundafund at the upcoming Pathways to Funding Do-ference that gives you access to a two-day Entrepreneur finance masterclass that includes networking sessions with top industry players and peers.

Save the date:

Durban, 7 and 8 September. Patrick Schofield will present Thundafund, Backabuddy and Uprise.Africa on 8 September, 10am-10.45pm and 1pm-1.45pm

Johannesburg, 15 and 16 September. Catherine Du Plooy will present Thundafund & Backabuddy on 15 September, 12pm-12.45pm

Cape Town,  28 and 29 September. Catherine Du Plooy will present Thundafund & Backabuddy on 28 September, 4pm-4.45pm

We will also host one-on-one consulting sessions at each of these events.

Some key themes that the Do-ference will cover:

Understanding your business
Social finance
Reaching your goal
Inspiring inclusive and sustainable business models

Get your tickets here and use our discount code of UPRISEDO .

In the meantime, read Uprise.Africa’s  informative blog post ‘Networking 101 for Entrepreneurs’ for tips on how to fine-tune your networking skills.

We look forward to connecting with you at the Pathways to Funding Do-ference.

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