Partaking in eco-ethical social development

Very interesting and important article about collaborative projects and the amazing potential it provides – artists co-creating through art, storytelling and dance on wine farms:

“Importers of South African wines can now collaborate in social development projects in the South African wine producing regions, by sponsoring students from their countries to take part in strategic projects. This will enable the collaborators to become involved in re-addressing and correcting historical relationships instigated by earlier European ancestors. This will yield dramatic dividends in the quality of many worker’s lives on wine farms. Visual- and performance-art are international languages which could aid a process of crossing social barriers to develop the formerly unmined socio-cultural assets of the wine regions.

…Research conducted in 2015 based on visual art practice implemented as an intervention within the wine producing community of the Olifants River valley in South Africa now proposes an alternative plan to promote such social justice and equality.”

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