YATOO International Artist in Residence Programme 2017

Aim of the programme

YATOO International Artist in Residence Programme, operated by the Korean Artists’ Association-YATOO, provides an environment in which artists are able to concentrate on their artwork while surrounded by beautiful, tranquil nature in order for artists from all over the world to mutually interact and exchange artstic views.

Artists participating in this residency program may encounter the world of nature art created by the artists – the members of YATOO – who have been working in nature and have an opportunity to exhibit and exchange their insights with a new artistic study based on different views about nature.

As our ecosystems deteriorates because of environmental destruction, this residency programme hopes to find a way to develop new nature art aesthetics to create co-existing harmony between humans and nature.

Theme of YATOO International Artist in Residence Program 2017

On()’ over a Thousand Years

※ On(醞): Chinese term, meaning is to make something or to brew alcohol

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Presented by:

(사)한국자연미술가협회-YATOO / 금강자연미술비엔날레
Korean Nature Artists’ Association-YATOO / Geumgang Nature Art Biennale
(32530) 충남 공주시 우성면 연미산고개길 98
98, Yeonmisangogae-gil, Wooseong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 32530, Republic of Korea
T. 041-853-8828, 853-8838 F. 041-856-4336 E. W.

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  1. Cheryl Traub Adler

    Good day, I am an artist and teacher living in Cape Town, South Africa.
    I was involved in hosting and participating in Stories of Rain, the satellite project here.
    I would like to stay in touch and also participate in global events in the future. Please could you keep me posted on applications, deadlines, events and anything else pertaining to this project. Many thanks and best wishes.

    • The writing fairy

      Hi Cheryl! Thank you for your message. Your work for Analogue #5 looks very interesting, I am hoping to see the exhibition in September.
      If you subscribe for updates, you’ll get all the new posts for Open Calls that are posted on Artlovenature via email:
      For updates for YATOO’s Artist in Residency programmes, specifically, please contact YATOO to get their updates: /

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