(komposjaart = the Afrikaans word for the area on our farm where decaying vegetable matter is stacked to become compost; compost yard)

The Komposjaart Residency is run by the owners, Gerard (engineer and farmer) and Libby de Villiers (actress and farmer) and curator Heinrich Groenewald on our farm Kleinood. Ever since Kleinood became home to the De Villiers family, the farm has always welcomed and participated in moments of creative collaboration. The Komposjaart Residency is simply a natural progression of that philosophy.

The idea to situate a residency on the farm came about somewhere in the Winter of 2017. We, Libby, Heinrich, and Gerard solidified our intention and started conceptualizing the space. It wasn’t long after that plans to transform the old stables into an artist’s studio and residency were drawn up and building began.

In essence the Komposjaart Residency is an artist-run space with no formal interference or involvement from the owners. We seek to support free creative practice and to provide space for artists to do so away from the hustle of city life to take time to create in a place close to nature and away from distractions. The Komposjaart Residency is open to artists of all disciplines to work and live in for a period of two to six weeks at a time. We welcome visual, sculptural, ceramic and performance artists as well as theatre makers, architects, musicians, academics and writers. The residency allows for one artist at a time but can accommodate two under special circumstances. We are open to all nationalities and have fluent Afrikaans, English, French and Italian speaking on the farm. The studio is a freestanding cottage close to the stables, farm dam, compost yard and vegetable garden. Although this is a rural area we are within walking or cycling distance from the historical village of Stellenbosch and forty-five minutes’ drive from the city of Cape Town.

What you get:

The accommodation consists of a large studio space, a fully equipped kitchen area, separate bedroom and bathroom. The space is ideal for a single artist, but could accommodate two people collaborating and prepared to share the bedroom and studio space. The private outdoor area boasts a view of the surrounding mountains, outdoor furniture and barbecue facility. The adjacent studio itself is a large open space equipped with storage racks, a basin, large open walls and plenty of natural light and large moveable tables.

We provide:

Fresh bed linen and towels. Cleaning service on a weekly basis. Washing machine. Firewood. The use of a bicycle. Workshop tools. Free fresh produce growing on the farm. Printer and Internet connectivity. Basic groceries on arrival.

What you give:

Artists are expected to donate one artwork of any kind, size, genre or discipline in the form of an archive-able object or work that could find a home anywhere on the farm. We would like the farm to become a library of sorts, housing all of these work and ideas to so become a living, developing manuscript of the knowledge and beauty created on Kleinood. Expenses paid by the artist: Transport, from where you live, to and from Cape Town International airport. Transport and Travel during stay (car hire, shuttle services etc.). Artist materials and printer ink cartridges. Internet and electricity.

The Komposjaart Residency invites of all visiting artists to conduct at least one project of his or her choice that decentralises personal practice into a project connected to the larger Boland community. We would like to encourage all applicants to find exciting ways to share their creative knowledge, interest or skill with the surrounding community. Our curator, Heinrich, can assist you in these matters.

How to Apply

All applications can be sent to Heinrich Groenewald at

Applicants have to be 25 years old or older. As the residency is situated in a rural area on a farm, all forms of medical disabilities have to be well considered before applying. The applicant would have to present valid travel and/or identity documentation on application and on arrival. The applicant will have to present a Curriculum Vitae as well as a form of representation of her/his body of work up to date as well as a proposal of planned body of work or research to be done during his/her stay at the residency. We have no preconceived ideas as to either of the above presentations. They will serve only to confirm the artistic integrity of the applicant.

The applicant should present a conceptual outline of a community-based workshop she/he proposes to execute. Again, we have no preferences as to the above in terms of age group, size of group, time frame, social background or gender. It is the prerogative of the applicant to structure, execute and determine the outcome. We will ask for the sum of R1500.00 as refundable deposit on acceptance as insurance against damage to property and to ensure the arrival of said applicant in order to prevent other applicants from unnecessarily being shown away.

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