Land art by Annie le Roux

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Annie le Roux is an artist from Plettenberg who participated in the Site_Specific Land Art Biennale as well as Stories of Rain, as part of the Global Nomadic Art Project, offering artist accommodation at Stone Cottage as well as contributing her land art.

“Annie le Roux’s work echoes the simplicity of natural cells. Using natural shapes and textures found on site in discrete subtle colour combinations, it is reminiscent of pre-historic mark making and enigmatic rock art of the Khoi-San. Mother Earth and her effect on the human psyche is the source of Annie’s inspiration. She sees Nature as her mentor, muse and healer.”

Here is a small selection of her work:

Annie le Roux in a rock circle
Wagenpad Klipsirkel
Vleiland land art by Annie le Roux
Strandmeer - seed pods on mud - land art by Annie le Roux
Dried grass with cut circles - part of Annie le Roux's Soliloquy project
Reed circle - land art by Annie le Roux

View more of her work on her website >>

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