Representations Invite


The second installment of the HumanEarth exhibition series was hosted by the North West University Botanical Gardens Gallery in Potchefstroom.

The artists for HumanEarth.2:Re(-)Presentations were:

  • Abri de Swardt
  • Janet Ranson
  • Russel Goodman
  • Hannalie Taute
  • SCAPES project artists: Janet Botes, Di Smith, AndrĂ©e Bonthuys, Leli Hoch

Human Beings describe experiences with their surroundings on a daily basis; we regularly describe our experiences with nature. Our descriptions take the form of words, conversations, poetry, songs, photographs, drawings, and paintings, etc. These are our interpretations of what we have experienced. We therefore act as representatives for the world we occupy.

Re(-)presentations (the exhibition) wishes to function as a platform for these understandings to be exhibited. It intends to make artists, as well as the public, aware of the active process of interpretation – of our surroundings. In so doing, Human Beings are made more aware of its interaction with Nature.

The NWU botanical garden is among the 12 largest gardens of its kind in the country, and the gallery hosts art exhibitions throughout the year.

The Scapes Project, shown as part of the exhibition, was an art project that focuses on human involvement with nature-dialogue. The work shown at the exhibition was Land Art prints. Land Art is a practice where the artist don’t use the natural landscape only as reference and inspiration, but works physically with and within the landscape, using primarily natural found materials. The artworks are often ephemeral and transient, destroyed or decayed by natural processes like the wind and rain, and are therefore captured photographically to capture the moment.