The above photographs are documentation of a site-specific intervention or group land art project by the curator, Nina Faasen, Janet Ranson and Janet Botes, staged at an abandoned building. Materials used included cement, PVA, bricks, glass, sand, leaves, found insect bodies and dirt.

HumanEarth III: First Material

An exhibition in which artist’s re-establish conventions pertaining to materials*

The conventions addressed in this exhibition traverse various sectors, such as the social or human understanding of clothes/material as an indicator of status. Also our understanding of the physical limitations and capabilities of certain fabrics is explored; as well as the human relationship with raw materials. And human adaptation of these fabrics in order for our bodies to navigate the environment.

Ultimately, this exhibition intended to explore existing physical and conceptual links between humans, materials and fabrics and establish others.

humanearth3_first_material_installation_view_1_460_wide nina_faasen_standing_on_end_2012_intervention_installation_dimensions_variable_460_wide janet_ranson_upset_tree_2011_mixed_media_installation_view_1_460_wide nina_faasen_get_cover_mixed_media_installation_dimensions_variable_1_460_wide


  • Elnette Viljoen
  • Tamzyn Varney
  • Janet Ranson
  • Larita Engelbrecht
  • Janet Botes
  • Nina Faasen

Curated by Nastasha Daniels

05 – 31 March 2012
The exhibition was held at the US Gallery, Cnr. Dorp and Bird Street, Stellenbosch.