Grow 2017

Knysa & Plettenberg Bay

29 September – 1 October 2017

From the event page:

Dear friends in Nature & The Arts,

As you might know the devastating fire of 7 – 11 June 2017, left the communities in the Knysna / Plettenberg Bay area in disarray, with over 1000 homes, families, workshops and art studios severely affected.

Because of this, we ask you to join us for a small gathering in September. (The month of Spring and traditionally the time of new lime-lemon growth). It seems fitting that we gather during this time after the fires, while the earth is still black and sparse, to experience the little green growing signs of life, reapperaring. With your help, we would love to plant the seeds for future creative collaborations and an imaginative collective work.

We invite you to embark on a journey …. to start a fresh new conversation with our own inherent, essential wildness. Sometimes we all need a good excuse to slow down and breathe, and spend time to reflect on …
what needs to be let go of
what needs to grow within us
what needs to be created
what needs to be said
what needs to be silenced,
or burnt in the fire….
using this time to ask ourselves some beautiful questions.

All of us are striving in our own way to build our own inner and outer worlds. We are asking you to join us in re-imagining and co-creating in a new, fresh and authentic way. A quiet investigation into Nature’s ancient wisdom, questioning how she imprints on our senses, hearts and lives. This humble gathering is a begining. We are basically creating a very good excuse for all of us to take time to breathe, explore and create. To sit and smell the earth, to feel the sun, to play in some dirt and to allow the sacred patterns of life and mother earth to heal and help us.

Let’s get busy doing nothing much, except being available in the moment. By allowing ourselves this barefoot time on earth, by the sea, in the forest, and the black burnt lands, just maybe, maybe we will once again experience playful wonder and awe as through child-fresh eyes.

Our aim for this very first “GreenMountain / Grow” in the Garden Route is to plant a delicate little seedling together: for ourselves, for each other and for the earth.

This is beginning of a creative adventure into new territory. We look forward to collaborating, and growing side by side through the next nine months. We ask you to guide, guard, direct, nourish and to ultimately celebrate and witness this process which will eventually culminate in an event and exhibition of the collective work in June 2018, one year after the fire.

-Grow- celebrates all the brave ones, the visionaries, the poets and painters, the seekers, the ones that questions, that wonders and wanders…. the ones standing firm in their commitment to creating New!

‘It takes courage to -grow- up and become who you really are.’
E.E. Cummings

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