From the Fire #Protea.People Rises to Make a Difference

Green Mountain has a new opportunity for artists, art enthusiasts or just someone with a want to make a difference, which has been aptly named #protea.people. #protea.people wants to crowdfund 1000 Proteas by 7 June 2018, but not just any old Protea. They want 1000 Protea images created in any artistic style. These images will be sold for R100 each, bringing in much needed money for creatives to re-establish their lost studios and workshops.


Make a difference with #Protea.People


However, this source of fund is not only for a short term relief. Instead, the hope is for creatives to realise their full potential. Often times financial difficulties, or lack of working space and/or tools can often hamper a promising creative heart. With a little help from a benefactor or fellow artists, creativity could blossom, quite like a Protea after a fire.


A Protea after the Fire


As a little biology lesson, the Protea (South Africa’s national flower) needs fire for reproduction and regeneration. Thus the recent Garden Route fires might not have been the worst thing for the Protea plant. It is quite like the phoenix rising from the ashes. It seems that even after the fire, there is hope. Because of these fires, #protea.people came to existence to be that beacon of hope for creatives. This means that the due date, 7 June 2018, is quite the important date. It is after all the one year anniversary of the Garden Route fires. Now, you have the chance to be part of that renewed hope.


To be a part of #protea.people’s campaign, you can visit Green Mountain’s website here. You can either be a benefactor, apply to receive help or become part of the Protea artists, which means you don’t have to be an artist to make a difference! You can also be part of the official #protea.people launch, which is to take place in Knysna and Plettenbergbay from 29 September to the 1st of October.


Protea People

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