Echoing Green Fellowship

Running or starting an organisation or initiative in environmental art, but struggling with the financial resources for it?

This is for you!!

The leaders of Echoing Green are looking for advocates from a wide range of fields including environmental policy, economics, conservation, public health, journalism, urban planning, environmental justice, and more to join their robust, active community. Candidates wishing to apply should prepare a strong pitch and submit an application to our board of forward-thinking investors, nonprofit leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs. Are you ready to join their community of leaders?

The Fellowship for Innovators, Instigators, Pioneers, and Rebels

Echoing Green Fellows are the innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels that reject the status quo and drive positive social change all over the world. While their work, their geographies, and even their approaches may be as varied as the problems they are working to solve, their common passion and commitment form the base of this robust, active community of leaders. Echoing Green’s social entrepreneurship Fellows work on six continents addressing a broad range of issues. Their signature Global Fellowship is open to any social entrepreneur, from anywhere in the world, with an innovative solution for any issue.

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