Drawing Circles in Siberia: Land Artist’s Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

When the circles in Siberia was first spotted from a satellite in space, they baffled people. The realisation hit that these circles were not created by nature. But if nature didn’t create these circles in Siberia, who or what did? However, there was a rather simple explanation behind the circles, namely, land artist Jim Denevan.


Jim Denevan Circles in Siberia


And Jim Denevan Is Who Exactly?

Jim Denevan is known for his temporary artworks done on either sand, ice or earth. His eraser is mother earth herself. Jim’s circles are as perfectly round as humanly possible, but it was not simply a talent he was born with. He has taken many years and many more circles to draw his circles. Experience is definitely not something Jim lacks. He tackled many large scale land art projects.


These were done in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert in 2008 and 2009.



Even though many of his work include circles, it is not all he has done. Here are a few more of his land art in sand.



Lake Baikal, The Circles in Siberia

In March 2010 Jim Denevan felt ready to tackle a lifelong dream: to draw circles on Lake Baikal. With his crew at the ready, they created this marvel in this part of the world left untouched by humans. The end result of Jim and his crew’s hard work was a spiral of ever-growing circles. The smallest circle started at roughly 46cm to the largest was several kilometers in diameter.



With one adventure complete, Jim Denevar can be found fulfilling more. He has completed many other amazing land art within America, his preferred canvas. Yet he has completed work in Australia and Sharjah (in the United Arab Emirates).

It’s not only inspirational to see an artist living his dream to create art, but also to see him reach dreams he has after achieving another. Do you have a dream you would like to fulfill as an artist? Comment below and share your own dreams, thoughts and goals!


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