DIY Recycling Bins to Fit Your Lifestyle

Recycling bins can come in many sizes, shapes and styles. Many of us would like to recycle, but we don’t like the idea of having three different bins standing around our kitchens. Yet it doesn’t need to be a messy business that takes over your entire space. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to make the bins work well in your specific situation. Here are some really innovative bins to get you thinking on what you would like for your own kitchen.


Stack It with Style


unique recycle bins


If you lack the space in your kitchen, this option from Lia Griffith is great for you. This style can be changed to fit your kitchen’s colour accordingly. The bonus is that the tubs allow you to place things on top of the entire stack, which not only makes this practical, but also pretty. You can, of course, decorate your tubs more or less depending on your choice. You can even add a few beads.

However, the negative side of this type of design will quickly come to surface when you have to take out the trash. Also, make sure your tubs can open in the front, and that you don’t need to open them completely to get your recyclables in; otherwise you might find yourself getting too lazy to recycle.


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Crate It


Crates recycling bins


These cute crates are from the creative mind of Laura’s Plans. You have no reason to limit yourself in colour or creativity. Make these work for your home by fitting in with your own particular tastes. For example, you can line the insides or you can paint images on the outside. Crates can be either bought, but if you have the tools and know-how, you can make the crates yourself (why not put that old palette someone threw away to use).

However, if you like your trash hidden from anything from your dog to your neighbours, this particular recycling bin might need a little adjustment…


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Make It Material


box to material


Mandy Kay has made this simple, yet fantastic material covered box. This is not necessarily a bin, but it can work well for any paper and plastic waste. It is a great way to make use of unnecessary boxes in your house in a green way. If you have a home office, you might need a mini recycling centre in there, but nothing suits the look. This does not just offer a place to quickly throw in those papers, but it also decorates the room, making it feel more like a home. Who doesn’t want a nicely decorated bin?


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Read and Create It


What to do with that stack of magazines or newspapers you have hoarded for the past few months? You keep promising yourself that you will recycle it, but you’ve not gotten to it yet. Boy, do you have a project to do. There are two ways you can go about it, “weave it” or “roll it”.


Weave It


How to Weave a Unique DIY Basket from Old Newspaper



This basket can be used as a bin, storage or decoration. It will take time and effort to make, but it will be worth the end result. Remember never to limit yourself. You can completely change this basket to look like you want it to look. You can even make it a rectangle with a lid on top.


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Roll It


If you’re more of a circle person, you can try this project instead. You can try different variations, such as this one or this one.


rolled magazine bin


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Keep It Hidden


palette single recycling bin


If you didn’t like the openness of the recycling bin above, this one might be a little more in your taste. It’s also sleek and modern, which will work great in many different styles of kitchens. Palette is known to be a great resource to make cheap furniture, decorations and even fences (mainly because you can find them lying around if you are lucky). Sadly, this bin does not have a “how-to” guide, but if you know how to work with wood, you should be able to pull this one off by looking at the image above. You can view the source here. You can also see the “how-to” guide for the wood palette bin below to help you get the hang of it.


Make It Large


Let’s face it, some of us have a lot of rubbish and some of us don’t want to empty the recycling bin every day. For these cases, you need something a little bigger than we have dealt with before.


palette recycling bin


This bin from Driven by Love is packed with style and space for plenty recyclables. The wood-design makes this bin good enough to be used outside as well as inside in a suitable room. Even though this bin will look good in the house, doesn’t mean it will look good anywhere. You will need to be aware of placing to ensure it doesn’t look out of place or make the room look a little… tacky.

There is hardly a negative to this bin design. It’s easy to place your recyclables away and it is large for those who need it large. However, you must have tools to put it all together. A little know-how can also help ensure a good-looking result.


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Keep It Eco-Friendly


This one will require a lot of bottles, so if you don’t drink any bottled drinks, you might want to look at your friends’ trash.


bottle bin


This bin is for those who don’t mean to impress their neighbours, but rather help the environment. Then again, who wouldn’t be impressed by this bin? There is no better bin for recycling that has been made by upcycling, so start gathering! You can either have a lid or no lid, depending on your own needs. This design will work well outside, but it could also work well inside if you have a good spot for it.


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So which one is your favourite? Comment below and let us know!

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