Educate yourself: correspondence course for an environmental certificate

Ever wanted to expand on your knowledge about ecosystems, ecological intelligence, environmental issues and biodiversity development? In June we shared a short course with you by SAN Ecosystems in George, South Africa. But you can learn and get educated in your own time, and wherever you are, by signing up for a correspondence course!


Certificate : Global Environmental Issues, Ecological Intelligence, Ecosystem Interpretation & Biodiversity Development.

14 Months – Correspondence for the Working Student.

This course is designed to empower the passionate Nature Lover of South Africa, to be able to make a positive and beneficial difference in local ecosystems at any respective level of engagement.

The student must be fairly academically focused, and self-disciplined, and love the theory of the subjects at hand. The course material is intense, and requires not only absorption of theoretical knowledge, but the ability to then apply the learned knowledge to a practical scenario. The student must be able to use the principles of the course material to apply to any given ecosystem he/she finds himself operating in. Of course your course facilitator is here to assist you along the way.

While the course is designed for the employed and active student, dedication in completing the modules in the designated time is of importance to complete the course within the allocated time. This being said there are no Times Dead Lines, only Time Guidelines, and if you feel you need more time to complete modules, that is up to you. For students willing to dedicate all their time to their studies, you can of course obtain the next module as soon as you are complete your current one respectively.

The course can be started any time of the year, and is run per the individual student and at their pace.


  • MODULE 1: Ecological Intelligence. Global Environmental Issues & Effects. Environmental Mitigation & Conservation.
  • MODULE 2: Eco-systems of South Africa.
  • MODULE 3: Veld Succession and Reclamation
  • MODULE 4 : Biodiversity for Development
  • MODULE 5 : Alien Vegetation in South Africa
  • PRACTICAL ASSIGNMENT: Based on an Ecosystem in your area.


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