Conversations in Conservation (Garden Route)

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Touw River Conservancy is hosting an inspiring conservation event this April – Join!

Touw River Conservancy - committed to conservationThis networking and educational event is dubbed ‘Conversations in Conservation, in your back yard’. And will be taking place on the 23rd of April, 2017 from 9:00 until 14:00 at the Fairy Knowe Hotel in Wilderness.The intention behind the event is to create an opportunity for interested individuals to dig into local conservation issues. This is done through speaker sessions, question and answer forums and a ‘conversation market’. The conversation market will have a variety of conservation related stands and tables. These are aimed at facilitating conversations between community members and a variety of experts and service providers in the field.

The programme includes:

The event will start with a speaker session featuring a number of local experts and practitioners. The focus will be on best methods for invasive control, biodiversity and wildlife stories from the region. After this will be a presentation on the implications of laws and regulations that affect land owners in significant ways. Especially in terms of alien and indigenous management; and the implications of legislation on current and prospective land owners with respect to property sales and ‘duty of care’.”

Following that, participants will have the chance to explore the variety of stands and stalls. And engage deeply in conversations with local activists, knowledge holders and service providers. Stands will focus on the following topics and offerings: Indigenous plant sales, indigenous plant identification (bring specimens with leaves, flowers and fruit if possible!), local indigenous nurseries and landscapers, biodiversity and human/wildlife conflict management, clearing and invasive plant management contractors, citizen science opportunities, mapping ‘hot-spots’ for conservation concern in the area, and more…

The event promises to be a unique, interesting and inspiring opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals on conservation issues.


Date: 23 April
Time: 9:00-14:00
Venue: The Fairy Knowe Hotel, Wilderness, Garden Route
Costs: Free, donations to the Touw River Conservancy welcomed

Please RSVP to the Secretary of the Touw River Conservancy, Sine Strydom before Wednesday 19th of April if possible-

For media related inquires contact Matthew Koehorst-, 076 6189 722

The Touw River Conservancy is a community group dedicated to supporting local land owners on conservation issues within and around the Touw River Catchment.



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