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ACT! Make a difference through your life & work

  • Encourage acceptance, responsibility & compassion towards all living things and our planet.
  • Lead by example. By simply living the values and message that we are promoting, you are setting an example and inspiring other people. Adhere to practices that show respect to our environment, using resources in ways that do no harm.
  • Get involved with local projects – Give your time and skills on projects like the initiatives featured on this website; such as beach cleanups, working parties, land art and more! Contact local organisations in your area and get active in your community.
  • Help spread a message of hope – share stories about solution that inspire other people!
  • Why not start your own eco project or art project that develops your and other people’s creativity?
  • Share the message, inspire others! Let’s spread seeds of creativity, support and compassion so we can grow a greener, better world for all of us.

Current focus & upcoming events:

Beach Cleanup

(& land art) 15 September
Wilderness beach (George, South Africa) for the 2018 International Coastal Cleanup.

Earth Fest

29 September 2018
Garden Route Botanical Garden (George, South Africa).


10-30 November 2018
An art exhibition & related community events in Knysna, focusing on endangered and vulnerable species on the Western Cape coast of South Africa.

Eco art competition

& workshop series
Contact to get involved.



Become a “Weaver Bird” – a member of our exclusive eco art club.

To become a member, join as a Weaver Bird on Patreon for $5 per month, or contact to pay your membership fee in a different way. Once joined you will get access to password protected pages; resources & guides for eco art making & thriving as an artist; and invitations to exclusive eco-creative outings, workshops & events.