Buddhist Mandala practice

In her book “Eloquent Body” Dawn Garisch who teaches “Life Writing” at the BRC recalls  her experience of witnessing some visiting Buddhist monks creating a sand Mandala:

“They do this as their life work, spending days or even weeks making exquisitely intricate and symmetrical patterns within a large circle using natural colored sand. Just watching them  work gave me backache; it also moved me to the brink of tears. When they have finished, they equally and carefully sweep their creation up, section by section. Then they carry the sand to to the body of water nearby and deposit it into the flow. It is an act of distributing harmony and beauty via the rivers and oceans to the world.”

It is principally a demonstration of non-attachment and the impermanence of all things.

The Tibetan Society of South Africa has invited four Tibetan monks to South Africa over September and October to create sand Mandalas. They will be in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Natal and at the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo (KwaZulu-Natal):

  • Cape Town
    Cape Town sand mandala event will take place from Wednesday 26th – Saturday 29th September at the Simon’s Town Museum.
  • Johannesburg
    Johannesburg sand mandala event will be from Tuesday 2-Sunday 7th October and the venue will be at the Origins Centre Museum at Wits University.
  • Durban
    10 October: Evening talk and discussion at the BRC Ixopo, on 10 October. All welcome to attend.
    Durban sand mandala event will take place from Monday 15 – Sunday 21st October at the Denis Hurley Centre, 2 Cathedral Road, in Durban.

Source: Body and Mind newsletter (bodyandmind.co.za)

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