Beehive installation by Bridgette Guerzon Mills

“Pollinators are keystone species that entire ecosystems depend on. They provide the fruits and seeds that nourish about 25 percent of all birds and mammals. Colony collapse disorder has been a growing concern as without bees and other pollinators, the food supply for humans and wildlife would plummet as well as the planet’s biodiversity. Scientists are still uncertain whether the colony collapse disorder is due to pesticides, climate change or a combination of both. It is clear though that we need to address the human role in the demise of the bees before it is too late. The mirrors in this piece reflect the viewer back to reinforce the human role in both the demise and in the saving of the bees. “Guardians” can refer to the bees as the one who are guardians of survival of life on this planet as well as humans who need to act as stewards of the bees.”

– Bridgette Guerzon Mills

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