CLIMARTE: Arts for a safe climate

CLIMARTE harnesses the creative power of the arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change. CLIMARTE is bringing together a broad alliance of arts organisations, practitioners, administrators, patrons and academics from across the spectrum of the arts sector, … Continued

Artwork for the week: Marking Time by Matthew Harding

Marking Time Matthew Harding 2008 Dimensions variable Natural Granite Tors with engraved tally representing 40 millennia of Aboriginal presence in the Australian landscape. Site Specific Installation, Palmer Environmental Sculpture Exhibition 2008, Palmer, SA View more >> Share / follow / … Continued

Bleeding Roots – Danelle Janse van Rensburg

Danelle Janse van Rensburg’s bleeding roots explores the interconnectedness of all life Danelle Janse van Rensburg’s latest solo exhibition – Bleeding Roots – explores the ‘interconnectedness’ as well as the symbiotic role of the ‘Mother Tree’ with other younger surrounding … Continued

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