Artwork of the week: SONGBIRD by Simon Max Bannister

I have always been awed and inspired by Simon Max Bannister’s work. So this week I just HAD to choose one of his works as ‘Artwork of the Week’.

Simon Max Bannister
Single Edition
200 x 250 x 150mm

“With my work, I attempt to find stability within the fluid elements of fire and flight in order to grasp the reality of the world in a state of transformation. It is mostly in the process where the poetry of my work reveals itself. From splinters of found timber, I construct indigenous African birds, nests and wings. These wooden creations become the kindling for a lost cast technique, where the incineration of shape turns into the mould for the final sculpture. I fill these negative spaces with bronze, thereby immortalising the species that have become so significant to me. They are naturalistic representations yet lean toward abstraction as the figures hover between dissolution and form.”

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

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