Artwork of the week: Mobility by Emma Willemse

Mobility Emma Willemse Installation view at Hoofstraat Conceptual, Riebeek Kasteel. Eucalyptus bark, wooden shelf, mutton cloth Part of the Eucalyptus dislocation series of Site specific installations in an ongoing investigation of the meanings generated by the Eucalyptus tree in South … Continued

Artwork of the week: Inopportune – Stage Two by Cai Guo-Qiang

Inopportune: Stage Two (detail) Cai Guo-Qiang, 2004, nine life-sized tiger replicas, arrows, and mountain stage prop. Tigers: papier-mâché, plaster,fiberglass, resin, and painted hide; arrows: brass, threaded bamboo shaft, and feathers; and stage prop: Styrofoam, wood, canvas, and acrylic paint, dimensions … Continued

Artwork of the week: Bilele by Maurice Mbikayi

  “My work is related to identity and history, and seeks to interrogate people’s origins and boundaries – how these can be renegotiated and recontextualised in different socio-political environments. I also investigate the impacts of contemporary technology on humanity, especially … Continued

Artwork of the week: at from the garden by Lesley Kendall

This artwork is not necessarily chosen as the artwork of the week on its own as a single work, but rather because it forms part of an inspiring and important approach to art. Lesley Kendall paints from life, making art … Continued

Artwork of the week: Dandelion drying by Greg Patch

3 stages of drying Dandelion leaf and root photo-sketched. At three separate drying stages Patch moved the plant material to air the process, preventing mold and to prevent the plant material from sticking to the wood surface. Each reset becomes … Continued

Artwork of the week: “Root fly” by Anne Ten Donkelaar

“Root fly” received roots to keep in contact with the earth. (w:26 h:35 d:5.5cm) by Anne Ten Donkelaar from her ‘Broken butterfly’ series. View the rest of her work >> Anne Ten Donkelaar graduated in 2007 at the ‘Utrecht school … Continued

Artwork for the week: Marking Time by Matthew Harding

Marking Time Matthew Harding 2008 Dimensions variable Natural Granite Tors with engraved tally representing 40 millennia of Aboriginal presence in the Australian landscape. Site Specific Installation, Palmer Environmental Sculpture Exhibition 2008, Palmer, SA View more >> Share / follow / … Continued

Artwork of the week: Rainmaker experiments by Imke Rust

In an ongoing long-term project Imke Rust researches the ancient traditions of rainmaking and how the combination of art and ritual could be used in a modern context to create rain. “The rainmaker experiments and ideas which I am collecting … Continued

Artwork of the week: “black on black” Installation by Asiyeh Mohamadian

Title: black on blackInstallationArtist: Asiyeh Mohamadian2016/Neyshabour Artist Statement: By wasteful logging and paying no attention to the environment, we ruin the nature throughout the world, and we change the nature to a cemetery for the next generation, who will see … Continued

Artwork of the week: Dealesville Ley Line art

The Dealesville Ley Line art work in the Free State, South Africa. Consisting of 10 000 tyres on a 60-hector salt pan. Eventually Gannabos and grass will resettle into these lines as a rehabilitation effort of the landscape. Collaboration between … Continued

Artwork of the week: RIVERINE RABBIT, Loxton

RIVERINE RABBIT THINKING PATH LOXTON, THE KAROO, SOUTH AFRICA, GOOGLE MAP The Site_Specific Collective have completed their second permanent Karoo Geoglyphs project in Loxton – the Riverine Rabbit Thinking Path. Designed & conceptualised by sister and brother team Anni Snyman … Continued

Artwork of the Week: Social Network by Bridgette Guerzon Mills

“Social Network” Bridgette Guerzon Mills woven and crocheted installation “This is my second year installing artwork for Lake Roland’s Art on the Trail exhibit. I have two pieces along the Red Trail. This fiber art piece is called “Social Network” … Continued

Artwork of the week: The Return by Jenna Burchell

The Return Jenna Burchell Performance art Victorian dress, tree roots, Xhosa beads, chicken feathers, war medals, tribal spear, binoculars, Dutch clogs, map book 2014 – ongoing The Return is a story that follows Burchell’s fictional character called Nelly as she … Continued