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We share projects, ideas, creative work and news from all over the world that encourage a sustainable and peaceful future for Earth and all its inhabitants. It forms part of a global movement towards living more compassionately and connected to the earth. We share content about: collaboration, dreambuilding, healing through being in nature, art and nature, encouraging action, raising awareness, inspiration, community, social upliftment, solutions. Our main aim is to encourage, inform and inspire. features creative initiatives that include, but are not limited to: land art, mixed media art, art from discarded or waste materials, site-specific interventions and installations, art workshops, videos, publications, performances and projects that educates readers/viewers/participants about nature conservation or solutions to our current environmental and social issues. We are thus creating this as a resource to artists and creative-minded individuals who works in and with nature, works with natural materials, or would like to change their ways of working towards a more sustainable and sensitive life- and work-style. We hope you enjoy this website as a resource, as inspiration, and as a prompt to do more in your own life that makes the world a better place.


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