is an ever-evolving initiative – coordinated by artist Janet Botes – for the creation of environmental art & design in South Africa. This includes waste art, site-specific art, eco-film screenings, lifestyle-specific collaborations, workshops, art exhibitions and other creative projects that encourage regeneration and conservation of our ecosystems and biodiversity.

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Vestige II by Laurel Holmes

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  “As a South African artist, my work is drawn from a strong attachment to this land, its sense of place and the life it supports. An interest in the indigenous flora of... READ MORE

Asiyeh mohamadian

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I just saw this image in the Yatooi newsletter and it was so striking that I had to share it here: View more work by Asiyeh mohamadian >> READ MORE

Buddhist Mandala practice

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In her book “Eloquent Body” Dawn Garisch who teaches “Life Writing” at the BRC recalls  her experience of witnessing some visiting Buddhist monks creating a sand Mandala: “They do this as their life... READ MORE