is an ever-evolving initiative in South Africa coordinated by artist Janet Botes. At the moment the focus is on initiating projects, and sharing info, about waste art, site-specific art, eco-film screenings,collaborations, workshops, art exhibitions, green design and other creative projects that encourage regeneration and conservation of our ecosystems & biodiversity.  The current & main project is the upcoming exhibition VERGE, in Knysna in November – find out more >>

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The Nest Collective

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A collective of 10 artists creating work together using film, visual arts, music and fashion The Nest Collective is a small army of thinkers, makers and believers living and working in Nairobi. Together... READ MORE

Don’t just brainstorm, artstorm!

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By Levana Saxon On Beautiful Trouble “Often such little small cultural experiments open up space and possibility for the bigger changes to happen. The real seeds for revolutionary changes can grow in artistic practices.”... READ MORE